standeven fencing
Excellent tailor-made services


Standeven Fencing can erect a range of fencing and enclosures all to the highest standard
possible and to DEFRA specifications. We are fully equipped to deal with all fencing work
including old fence clearance and tree work as dictated by conditions.

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wire stock fencing
Post and Rail

We construct these to the highest specification tailored to your needs
and they can be three, four, five
or six rail depending on your

post and rail
Wire Stock Fencing

We strongly recommend high tensile netting and take the greatest care for
our fences to be properly tensioned
and secured with the optimum
numbers of strainers to ensure
long, reliable life.

wire stock fencing
wire stock fencing
All types of Gates

Ranging from practical field gates to bespoke driveway gates, each one made to the highest standard in either wood or metal.

Metal Parkland Fencing

Our Mild Steel fencing is ideal for
use on uneven ground as it follows
the contours of the ground and
can be easily curved.

metal parkland fencing
Rabbit Netting

If your looking for the most effective way to control rabbits in young
tree and hedge plantations our
rabbit netting is ideal.

rabbit netting
rabbit netting
Equestrian Fencing

We can provide horse owners
with equestrian fencing solutions
which are high quality, secure
and horse friendly.

equestrian fencing
"Fancy" & Ornamental Fencing

Our stylish range of decorative
fencing provides the same quality
as traditional fencing to create
an eye catching feature.

ornamental fencing
ornamental fencing
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metal parkland fencing